Assessing the utility and fidelity of the Adlerian Play Therapy Skills Checklist using qualitative content analysis.

Because of the recent trend toward evidence-based practices, practitioners have been called to provide evidentiary support for the play-therapy modalities they have used. Although Adlerian play therapy is one of the most widely used approaches (Lambert et al., 2007) and is one of the few EBPs for play therapy (SAMSHA, 2016), it would add further credibility to the model if interrater reliability/agreement in assessing fidelity were established. In this study, we used qualitative video-content analysis of 27 individual play-therapy sessions to establish interrater reliability of using the Adlerian Play Therapy Skills Checklist (Kottman, 2009; Kottman & Meany-Walen, 2016). Results indicated acceptable interrater reliability across the four phases of Adlerian play therapy, ranging from r = .78 to r = .89. Implications for counselor education and clinical practice, limitations, and suggestions for future research are presented. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved)